Worthy Art Studio

illustration, design, art classes by Helen Marioncu

Course Philosophy

     The concept for the name "Worthy Art" is my response to a frequently asked question by many of my students - "is my work good enough?"  Of course my reply is that everything we do in my class is worthy - worthy of exhibition, worthy of presentation, worthy of publication, etc.   Hence the prefix for the naming of the classes offered, for example, "Worthy of Fridge Magnets" is a children's art class, "Worthy of  Wall Space" is an adult drawing and painting class.   As well as striving for technical excellence,  the atmosphere in my class is supportive, non-judgmental and fun.  The name inspires a positive outlook.

     All classes include a demonstration, personal  one - to -one guidance, and a class critique.  All classes have an academic base and in  some cases are consistent with under-graduate degree programs.   

     The name "Worthy Art" also applies to my own work in illustration, design and painting. The positive attribute of the name lends credibility to many years of hands on experience in  the "industry" illustrating and teaching.



Exciting New On-Line Programs!

Imagine unlimited world-wide access to students. Now anyone, anywhere can participate in the workshops. Using Zoom as a web conferencing tool, classes will be offered as 3 hour workshops. Date and time to be announced. 


Worthy of The 20 Minute Masterpiece. Colour theory, Acrylic Painting techniques

Workshops.  Beginner and Intermediate welcome.    

 $75.00 includes HST per workshop

Just run out of raw sienna, hookers green?  Art store closed and assignment due tomorrow?    No Problem!  Learn to mix any colour with 3 primaries plus black/white. Develop a decisive, confident brush stroke capable of producing a masterpiece in 20 minutes.  No reference, no pencil outlines, no safety net... just nerves of steel and a clear head.  That's the challenge... and you can learn to do it!  Bring your brushes and a spirit of adventure!




Worthy of Wall Space.  Observational drawing.  3 hour workshops.  

                                                   $75.00 includes HST per workshop

 All levels.  Enhance your drawing skills by developing  your hand/eye coordination through exercises designed to stimulate new ways of  seeing.  Study of light and shade, reflection, composition, proportion and perspective in a variety of wet & dry media. 



Worthy of Rembrandt.  Oil Painting. Workshops.  

                                                  $75.00 includes HST per workshop

All levels. Achieve painting success by learning how to mix colours and apply paint in a variety of techniques, including palette knife.  Develop harmony,  expression, confident hand. Landscape, still life and photo reference.                                                         



Worthy of Turner. Watercolour & Acrylic.    $75 includes HST per workshop.

 All levels.  Experience water-media painting in all its spontaneous glory.  Compare conventional principles  and experimental explorations to stimulate new ways of seeing.  Bring your brushes and an adventurous spirit! 




Worthy of Art Escapes.  Multi media  

$75 includes HST per workshop

All levels.    Refresh your vision and passion.  Discover exercises and daily journaling to energize your creativity.  Great if you're in a  rut!   Bring in unfinished paintings for constructive critique and develop strategies for starting new projects. 




Worthy of Presentation.   Portfolio development.      All levels.   $75.00 includes HST per workshop

Individual assessment and guidance to achieve your goals.  Observational drawing and figure drawing to enhance content. Refinement of existing work.  Learn to develop individual  identity with focused resum√©, content, presentation, promotional techniques.



Stay tuned for upcoming Batik workshops. 



Registration and Payment                                                      

Please register 1 week in advance to guarantee space.

Materials not included for adult classes.                          

HST included for all classes.   BN#127565497 RT0001

Payment accepted by e-transfer.